Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog #1 Fear , Disease and Homeopathy:

We live in an age where everyone expects technology to bail them out of all their problems. They think technology provides vital solutions.  Yet, what we fear most, loss of life, limb, pain, prolonged suffering and death, catapult us into irrational fear and profound confusion.

Technology can not palliate our irrational fears or assuage our soul’s longing for connection, peace and love. These feelings come directly from our soul; they allow us to ponder the deeper meaning of life that go beyond immediate fixes or technical solutions.

These issues are the very trigger to spiritual growth. Every generation has faced these issues. They, like the soul, are eternal.  

These ponderings recognize the fullness of time and the universality of emotional suffering. They, by their very nature, hold within themselves the answers we seek at a deep level.  Reflecting on them is the path to healing the darkness so pervasive in our time.

They help strengthen us and assist us in cultivating wisdom. They offer us the ability to tap into our inner resources to resolve the mysteries of life. They strengthen our capacity to look deep, feel strongly and know, that in spite of external circumstances, we shall always prevail through challenges, illness, fright, loss and trauma.

Our inner resources are part of an organizing principal we call “health”, “immunity” or “the Higher Self “. It is the spiritual aspect of our being that we learn, over time, to live in resonance  with.  If we listen to the wise guidance of our inner resources we learn about life. We naturally develop appropriate skills for the work we are suited to do, the relationships we are destined to cultivate. These resources show us the path of creativity, joy, and fulfillment.   

As our resources build up through facing challenges and learning the power of who we are they set the  mind  at ease from  overwhelm by irrational thoughts and fears that foster  separation. They keep us looking forward into the heart of life.

Basically inner resources give us the tools to move beyond superstition, away from the clutches of fear into freedom, joy and love. If we become slaves to the undercurrent of fear we lose our grip, fall into despair and illness. We wobble constantly looking for an external polar star to grasp onto.  

Inner resources strengthen and preserve our life force.  Without them we act irrationally, moving too quickly, falling out of synch with the rhythms and cycles of the day, season, year until we are too far off base to return to center.  It becomes harder to maintain our health and, if we are stressed for too long, without reprieve, we fall into disease and suffering.

When we are looking for a medicine to support our health and stamina to keep us strong for life we want a medicine compatible with our higher consciousness. Homeopathy is such a medicine.

It was developed 250 years ago in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He realized a medicine that could treat the inner weaknesses of people, assuage their fears, deal with negativity and help re-enforce the inner resources of man without compromising his will could help them live happy and healthy lives.

He believed disease emanated from two distinct pathways; the most pervasive channel being the psychological realm. Hahnemann felt when we become upset, overwhelmed or unconscious we internalize the stress where it finds its way into our body. If not recognized and processed it becomes pathology.  This is one way we discharge tension. Our symptoms reflect our inner distress.

When we read the language of the body we develop understanding for the metaphors for illness. We understand that the pressure of a headache, for instance, is from too much pressure. The stomach tells us there is something we fail to digest.  

Homeopathy provides us a way of healing external physical symptoms and, at the same time, helps us deal with the internal strife we hold within us.  It is a medicine that helps us build our inner resources, clarify our resolve and deepen our understanding.  

Ultimately, homeopathy helps us find solutions that work for us. It directs us to the flow of life and helps us make wise choices for our journey.

 Good homeopathy takes into account the spirit of a person. It gives them physical stamina and emotional grit for facing their challenges. It helps us make good choices for life itself to be lived fully.  

Eventually, homeopathy helps people learn to acknowledge their soul’s calling. Homeopathy gives balance so we can use our inner resources to our advantage instead of always fighting and resisting life. It provides remedies to help us move past emotional arrestment, trauma, shock, damage.

We do the rest by stepping into our self, moving forward in life, or retreating and resting till we have the strength to take a leap of faith into our journey.